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Hikes and Walks

Levanto, is considered hikers paradise. It offers about 80km of paths, you can depart directly from the beach to reach the highest summits.

Other then the roads that connect the “Cinque Terre”, going through the National Park there are paths that follow the sea, there are various paths that connect the 18 hill villages and the valley. The paths are indicated on a walking map by distance and how long it will take to get there.

Most of the paths are adapt for excursionist and also families who like to walk in nature.

From Montale which is 155m s.l.m.,  you can directly set off  for paths 570-577-670

Path 570

a pleasurable walk to reach


  • Difficulty: length 7,2 km
  • Time: h 2.10
  • Difference in altitude: 195m

Path 577

Hiking downwards you can explore the valley, San Gottardo, and finally the center of Levanto.

In the opposite direction hiking upwards you can reach Foce di Montale that is where there are connections with l’AV5T ( The high path of the 5 terre)  reachable in about 65 min. from our Agriturismo.

  • Difficulty: medium
  • Length: 6,20km
  • Time: h2,30
  • Difference in altitude: 455m


Path 10 – Levanto – Punta Mesco Monterosso

  • Difficulty: medium
  • Length: 7km
  • Time:h2,30 

Walking Bonassola – Framura

A walk along the bike a walking path made from old train tracks you can explore small intimate beaches. This path goes thru old train tunnels and opens up at certain points to find yourself walking along the coast.

  • Difficulty: easy 
  • Length: 4,5km.


To find the most beautiful routes interconnected in Montale you could visit this link: